Ducted Vaccum Systems

Sunshine Coast Ducted Vacuum System Installers

Coastal Hi-Fi and Communications are experienced installers of ducted vacuum systems in Sunshine Coast homes and offices. We have a qualified team of professional and reliable technicians who can help you decide on the best system for your home and then work directly with you or your builder to have the system installed.

For more information regarding the installation of a ducted vacuum system, please get in touch with our team on 0427 444 966.

What is a Ducted Vacuum System?

Ducted vacuum systems use specifically designed tubing that is installed in the walls of your home. They are designed to carry 100% of the contacted dirt, dust and allergens away from the living areas to the central power unit which is usually located in the garage, utility room, laundry or basement. A ducted vacuum cleaning system can clean just about any surface including carpets, curtains, furniture, staircases, blinds, floor boards and verandas.

Ducted Vacuum System Benefits:

  • Reducing asthma and allergy causes
  • Giving you up to 4x the suction of a portable vacuum cleaner
  • Giving a deeper clean to your carpets and other floor coverings
  • Removing more dust and dust mites
  • Ducted Vacuums are quiet and reliable
  • Easy to use

New Home Installation

Ducted vacuum systems work best when they are installed during the building process of a new home – this allows us to place the tubing in the most strategic manner possible as we have full access. Installation of your Ducted Vacuum System will be done after plumbing and electrical work is completed and before wallboard is installed, so it is important that we are put in touch with your builder as soon as possible so that we can organise an installation date accordingly.

Existing Home Installation

New technologies have now made it easier and more affordable to have a ducted vacuum system installed in an existing home, especially single-story dwellings. Get in touch with us to discuss your options and organise a quote.

Ducted Vacuum Systems

Get in touch to discuss the installation of a ducted vacuum system in your new or existing home. Call 0427 444 966.