NBN Faults

NBN Faults, Trouble-Shooting and Diagnosis

Coastal Hi-Fi and Communications specialise in locating, diagnosing and repairing NBN faults. Based on the Sunshine Coast, we service both residential home owners and commercial business owners from Caloundra through to Noosa, including the surrounding hinterlands. We have a team of trained and experienced technicians who understand every element of the NBN, including your internal equipment and the external line. They can also use their specialised equipment to locate any problems or faults that you are experiencing with your connection.

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Diagnosing NBN Faults

If you are experiencing problems with your NBN connection then we can send a technician to your Sunshine Coast property to diagnose the issue. We can detect problems in the line related to drop-outs and speed inefficiency, and determine whether the problem is internal or external. If the problem is internal (with your router or equipment), then we can fix the issue for you, usually on the same day. If the issue is external (an issue with the line) then we can help you communicate this to the NBN or your service provider to get a technician out.

We find that NBN and telecommunications companies are often reluctant to send out a technician until it has been confirmed that it is an external or line issue causing your problems. Our technician will put our findings in writing for you so that you know exactly what to say to your service provider, and if necessary, we will speak to your service provider on the phone ourselves to explain the problem.

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NBN Faults and Diagnosis

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