TV Antennas

Sunshine Coast TV Antenna Installation Services

Costal HiFi and Communications provide professional TV antenna installation and repair services in the Sunshine Coast region. We have a qualified team who have been working in the industry for many years and can assist you in selecting the right digital antenna for your location, installing it in the optimal position for your circumstances.

Get in touch with us to request a quote for any of our antenna installation or repair services – we don’t charge a call-out fee for Sunshine Coast residences.

TV Antenna Installations and Upgrades

Our team can upgrade your existing antenna system to a digital antenna. As all TV transmissions in Australia have now gone digital, many family homes require an upgrade because their current equipment does not adequately support digital TV reception.

In addition to requiring an upgrade to start receiving digital or HD TV signals, we also find that many older antennas can be affected by 4G mobile interference. If you are experiencing any reception issues with your current antenna, get in touch to discuss your options.

TV Antenna Repairs

Our team can repair your existing television antenna, fixing issues caused by bad weather, corrosion or rust-related problems. We carry specialised equipment that helps us diagnose problems quickly, as well as everything we need to fix the most common issues on the spot.

TV Antenna Reception Issues

Coastal HiFi and Communications can do a full assessment of your antenna system and will diagnose any reception problems using our specialised equipment. If repairs are required, our technician can assess and provide you with a quote accordingly. In most circumstances, our technician will then be able to fix the problem for you on the same day.

TV Antenna Installations and Repairs

Get in touch to discuss our full range of television antenna installation and repair services or to book a technician. Call 0427 444 966.