Smart Wiring

Smart Wiring for Sunshine Coast Homes and Offices

Coastal Hi-Fi and Communications design and install smart wiring in both new and existing homes on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding hinterland areas. We are a small team of professional technicians who have been providing high-quality and affordable services since 2014, and we have a strong reputation for providing great customer service paired with reliable advice. For more information regarding smart wiring and how we have helped past customers design intelligent systems for their homes and offices, visit our projects portfolio.

If you’d like to discuss our smart wiring services in more detail or request a quote for your home or office, please get in touch with Coastal Hi-Fi and Communications on 0427 444 966.

Smart Wiring for Smart Home Owners

Smart Wiring pulls several of our other services into one; it is the process of installing wiring, cabling, access points, data points and WiFi solutions in your home. It not only caters to your immediate requirements but also trys to anticipate your future requirements – we install the wiring and cabling infrastructure that you may require in the future to ‘future-proof’ your home.

We use our industry knowledge, paired with insights into emerging new technologies to design your communications infrastructure in the most efficient manner possible. This ensures that all areas of your home get a strong, fast Wi-Fi signal and that all your devices have somewhere to plug into directly. It also means that we are installing the capabilities to upgrade your systems in the future – if you plan to install a home theater in the future, are thinking about upgrading to smart lighting at some point down the track, or think that you might turn one of the upstairs bedrooms into a home office when the kids move out, then we can install everything you need in one go, to reduce installation costs later.

New Homes

Installing additional cabling and wiring into your home or office after the walls have gone up is significantly more expensive than if you have it all installed during the building process. We always recommend having additional cabling run through your walls when building your new home – technology is moving at such a fast rate that it is impossible to know what your data requirements are going to be in a couple of years’ time.

Existing Homes and Renovation Projects

We can retro-fit smart wiring to your existing home. Our technicians will design a system to make your home as efficient as possible by installing additional cabling, upgrading existing wiring, installing new data points, access points and more.

Smart Wiring for Sunshine Coast Home Owners

Give Coastal Hi-Fi and Communications a call to discuss our smart wiring solutions and how we can make your home run more efficiently. Call 0427 444 966.